About Me

I am an expert in digital transformation, eCommerce, retail/consumer businesses, leveraging and delivering high impact analytics, and accelerating innovation and revenue.

I have a proven track-record in driving growth & turnarounds.

Starting at IBM, I developed the skills and experience to be a strategic operating leader who:

  • Transform businesses to be more focused and more agile.
  • Drives product and marketing innovation across organizations and industries.
  • Leverages technology: Digital marketing, eCommerce, business intelligence and data analytics.
  • Drives top and bottom-line results; enhancing organizational productivity and individual performance, and success!
  • Aligns people and processes, to deliver, rapid, lasting change.

In the last 15 years I have:

  • Demonstrated a strong track record of driving double digit growth, effective execution and outstanding business results across organizational and industry boundaries - Sears, Evite, BuySeasons, Nationwide Marketing Group
  • Evolved a unique mix of innovation (see patent below), operational rigor and emotional intelligence to lead, align and motivate teams using Agile, Scrum and Job Responsibility tools.
  • Become a hands-on leader with experience leading rapid growth and turnarounds in businesses from $20M to $6B. I've achieved these results by leading and scaffolding transformation of teams and organizations, using agile approaches, and ideas, supported by analytics, to accelerate change and deliver results across sales, marketing, product, operations and technology.
  • Monetized existing assets, while identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities - analytics @ PowerReviews, data @ Evite, network at NMG.
  • Pioneered new channels by integrating insights from teams, market data, consumer behavior, social media/digital communities, and traditional and online supply chains and distribution channels.
  • Remained committed to ongoing personal development as an author, inventor and highly rated professor.
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Product Management (99+)
Analytics (99+)
Marketing Strategy (98)


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